Quiet Goth Chick

Hiding In The Shadows
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2001-09-18 14:20:44 (UTC)

Life's A Bitch Then You Die

Life truly is a bitch. I was woken up this morning by my
mother asking me where my headphones were so she could go
walking. It wouldn't have botherd me except that it was
5:30 and I have the day off for Jewish holidays. so I was
awake at 5:30 am this morning. And if that isn't bad
enough, I got my period this morning totaly unexpected. So
I was misrible. But then I realized that Ian was suppose to
come over this morning. Which means that I could have
gotten some action. But i got online and I talked to him
and his mother broke down on her way to work. So she took
his car. So he can't come over today. So then I had the
bright idea that since my dad was home, that he could drive
me to Ian's house. His grandma is home today so its not
like we were gonna be alone. But my dad didn't wanna drive
me there. How many fucken places do my parents drive me????
They dont!!!! I have a car, I drive my self everywhere!!!
But they have to be fucken stupid and wont do my a favor!
Im not tooo happy right now. I think id rather be in
school. Him comming over is what I was looking forward to
this week. And now that has been taken from me! Nothing
wants to work with me! PLus, on top of it all I was suppose
to be getting a call from Stop and Shop but i havn't yet!
Not Too Fucken Happy Right Now!!!

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