Another Chapter In Life
2000-11-06 22:33:45 (UTC)

November 6, 2000 I have been..

November 6, 2000

I have been emailing Joe for about a month now and loving it. I come
home everyday and check my email right away to see if I received
anything. I am always so excited when I see I have and disappointed
when he hasn't written. Well today I received an email which means I
was excited. I opened it and as I read it he told me how he is going
to have to start bringing his lunch so he can use the computer for
his personal use on his lunch hour. I am blonde but not stupid. I
know it was a hint that I might end up getting him into trouble. I
emailed him back with an apology. I don't know if or when I will hear
from him again. That makes me really sad. I miss him so much. My
husband and I where seperated for a few years and while seperated I
dated Joe for about a year. He was wonderful most of the time. It was
a long distance relationship and with me that was fine. It meant we
never grew tired of each other. I guess he did grow tired of me
though and before long we weren't seeing each other anymore. When he
learned I had accepted my husbands request to try to make our
marriage work he called serveral times until he finally reached me.
He didn't try to talk me out of it or anything but instead, wished me
lots of luck and happiness. His feelings were never as deep or strong
as mine and I don't expect they ever will be. I have never told him I
fell in love with him but I think he knew it and that is why he
backed off. I have never enjoyed another person as much as I enjoyed
him. I don't think I ever will. I think about him every single day
and have ever since the last time I saw him. That has been well over
a year ago. I've never told him my feelings. I have never told him
that I think of him everyday or that I miss him and wish so badly I
could see him. He doesn't know the joy I feel when I hear from him. I
don't believe he ever will.

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