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2001-09-18 13:06:01 (UTC)

Humble beginnings of a chat tart... '93 ;)

The creation of a chat tart heheh: an internet chat junkie
and dealer.. lol (April 1993)

Another entry from my teenage diaries... (this trip down
memory lane is proving to be soooo fabulous. :)

6th April, 1993

"Well, so much has happened, and ain't that the truth?! I
am an IRC junkie!! I am addicted. I have clocked up 35
hours on it since Friday. My flatmate and I were on it all
night Friday night (10.30pm to 10.15am straight!!), till
2.30am Saturday nigiht and till 4.15am Sunday night, and
till 9.30pm Monday, and till 6.30pm Tuesday.

So here I sit to do an entire 3000 word history assignment
from scratch. And all I can think about is chatting online.

BUT.. I am banned, and I'm nearly crying as I think of it!
Because I gave my password out (on a msg to Steve) and I
used Geoff's account, and I let six others use mine.
Apparently these are MAJOR computer crimes! Aagghh! I'm so
scared, but I made an appointment with the man who banned
me and I'll attempt to explain. Lord help me!

Well, it's 7.25pm, and I've been at it on this assignment
for 20 minutes. I have my can of condensed milk at my side
(I'm already sick!) and a cup of coffee.. but can't stop
thinking of chatting. It is a real addiction.

It's 10.45pm now, I'm not tired, but I'm soooo bored and I
can't stop "chatting" in my head. I'm addicted and I can't
go "cold turkey".

It's now 12.23am and I haven't even finished gathering
quotes for my assigment. Yuck. Aagghhhh! I wonder who's
online now??

It's now 2.21am! I just finished writing my quotes, now I
am structuring my essay, and then (yuck) have to write 3000
words, and outside it's a beautiful full moon. I wish those
guys from IRC were here now.. :)

Okay it's 5am.. I am about to go to bed. I am so tired and
vomitty sick (I guess because from the condensed milk, the
1 1/2 cruskits with peanut butter. I'm nauseous..) And I
STILL haven't got the essay done!"

The Ju Ju Queen as a 20 year old chat tart.. :)

PS: After that year.. I did indeed go cold turkey until
just last year..

"Finish, good lady;
the bright day is done,
And we are for the dark!"
("Antony & Cleopatra" - Shakespeare)

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