worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2003-01-31 07:19:19 (UTC)

Just a worthless lil painslut

Give me the humiliation i need. Call me a painslut, a fat cow, an ugly pig, a dirty smelly cunt, a worthless bitch, a pathetic dog, a worthless lil painslut. Write the words in red marker across my forehead, over my tits, my fat stomach, my enormous thighs, my ugly ass, my useless cunt. Make me bark like a dog, moo like a cow, oink like a pig. Turn me into an innanimate object - a footrest, a table, a plate, a doormate, a bullseye. Make me stand in the corner like a naughty little girl, wet a diaper like a big fat baby, eat off the floor, crawl on my hands and knees, sleep in my piss, suck a giant dildo, gag me, put me on display while i hold myself open for you.

Give me the pain i need. Put me in the stocks, whip me, spank me, burn me, stretch me, flog me, cane me, tickle me, break me, bind me. Attach painful clamps to my nipples, tits, pussy lips, clit, face, and flesh. Hang weights from them until my flesh is grotesquely stretched and bruised. Fuck me like a worthless whore in my cunt and ass. Give me the cane, the paddle, the whip, the cat-o-nine-tails, the riding crop, the belt, the flogger, or your big strong hand. Tie me up, tie me down, hand me from the ceiling, strap me to the floor, in a chair, on a bed, in a cage, in the stocks, on a wall, on a table. Have me ride the wooden pony, turn me into a maid, stretch me on the rack, tie me to a tree, put me over your lap, or on my knees.

Give me the discipline i need. Force me to obey your every command, follow your orders, accept your cruelty, and denial. Punish me for every infraction, for failure to obey, for obeying too slowly, for hesitating, for mistakes, for stupidity, for fear, for failure, for being a worthless lil painslut.

i yearn to obey. To accept the most humiliating and painful orders. To force my own suffering at your command. My own hands do your bidding. Tell me how many blows of the cane i must administer, how many times i shall swat my ass with the paddle, how hard i should whip my pussy with the crop, how often i must smack my tits with the whip. Tell me how many clothespins i must attach to my tits, how long must i wear the clamps on my nipples. Command me to rub Bengay on my clit and force it deep in my asshole. Direct where on my fat naked body i should write "worthless lil painslut." Let the suffering come from my hand and your commands.

You know what i need, what i crave, what i want, what i desire. Make me beg for it, grovel, ache, yearn. Give me the pain, the suffering, the humiliation, the denial, the punishments, the discipline.

Do as you will.

i await your command.