Place To Vent
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2003-01-31 06:02:25 (UTC)

1/30 An O-K Day

Overall my day went alright. I only had one final and got
off at 10. I went to get my car washed, then my hair cut,
and went to the galleria. I stopped by work to get my
schedule for next week and Nathan and Kristy liked my hair.
Yay. Later I went to the Burbank mall and saw Sergio at
Anchor Blue. He liked my hair too...yay again, and we
talked for a little while. It was cool seein him again. I
also saw Uyen...she rocks the Suncoast outfit. Hehehe.
That's my babay. I also watched my favorite show Friends
with a slurpee and my favorite chips - Salse Verde! Yummy!
Imma get fat! That's not good when I'm going to the beach
tomorrow! It's gonna be a very pretty day. Poifect! Let's
see...what else did I do? Ummm, I've just been chillin
watching The Bone Collector on USA. Ooo what an exciting
night. Makes me wonder what everybody else does when
they're bored. Do they drive around like me? I drove all
around yesterday. From Glenoaks to Riverside in Toluca
Lake. Goodness. Anyway, I hope I do get to go to the beach.
It'll definitely brighten up my weekend and be my little
treat for Finals this week. I'm gonna be all prep this last
semester. I don't wanna be bummed out when Graduation comes
around. Well, this little girl is gonna go finish watchin
her movie. I love u!