UnBrEaK My HeArT
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2003-01-31 05:40:15 (UTC)

I can only Imagine

Cant sleep. No thanks to Maria calling me on my cell
fone. ; ) Its okay though bc we had a good chat and we can
always use one of those. Ive been doing a lot of thinking
lately about relationships (whats new?). Ive decided that
although I want a boyfriend...I dont need a boyfriend. I
let this boyfriend thing run my life to much. I can be
having an awesome day and then when I talk to a guy I like
(and if the convo doesnt go good) Im in a depressed mood
for the rest of the time, until I talk to him. Thats so
dumb. What a waste of life and time! I know so many
people would kill to have my life and so I should start to
appreciate the things I have more. Like my family which I
always take for ganted. My sister is growing up so fast!
Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and make my self
realize dating Will was defiently no where near as
important as watching Rachel grow up. Ive also realized
how Im almost done with my Senior year. Its exciting but
at the same time it makes me sad. I am going to miss
everyone at school so much! My friends are my world and I
know with out them I would be lost. Col and I have
developed a really great friendship and I luv her so much!
I dont know what I would do without her behind me 100%! Oh
no! This is kinda a mushy gushy entry but what can ya do?
Im listening to "Bring On The Rain" by Jo Dee Messina. I
think this is the best possible song ever. Col and I spent
hours driving around Friday night with the snow coming down
just listening to it. It was an amazing experience I dont
think Ill ever forget. Tomarrow should be fun. School and
then practice and then Dinner with the old Clique! I cant
believe were all getting together! Im bringin my cousin
Shannon along and Im hoping she will have fun and meet some
new people and see that there are cool people out there!
After Dinner were going to the movies...And I know we will
all be dorky gurls (as usual when we are together) and
laugh a lot. I cant wait! After that Robs coming over for
another movie night which should be fun! Im glad I ran
into him. Hes such a good friend! I guess everything
happens for a reason! Then Saturday its off to the
cottage. Which usually in the winter I get bored at and
dread going but this year im so psyched. I cant wait for a
weekend with my family but most of all...a weekend with my
Time to get that beauty Sleep
Luv ya
~Live today like its ur last, love like you've never been
hurt and dance like no one is watching~

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