Life in the Making
2001-09-18 08:27:38 (UTC)

Levi Flaman

Well, I met this guy, Levi Flaman, in yahoo chat tonight.
He is so nice! And he lives around Reno. He's Canadian,
trying to get residency. He wants to inlist in a branch of
the army. I don't want him to! I know I just met him, but
hs is so sweet- buy then again- look what happened to Matt.
But Matt lives so far away. Levi is closer. And he's 18
like me. Cool, ne? He speaks French, which is really cool.
The language of love! Aw! I wish I could really meet him.
That would be so cool. LOL! That could be fun! He has his
own diary here. You can chck it out my searching SGTFlaman