The crazy world of me
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2003-01-31 05:19:50 (UTC)

what to do what to do?

Hey what is up all? Yeah so I was in a okay mood today.
I don't know I was acting all goofy when Ricky was over
here. That kid is turning me into a hornball I swear.
O'well it happnes you know. I feel really weird with my
realtionship with him because its like usually whenI like a
guy and he likes me back I don't sit there and tell them
everything but with him I do. I don't know. Usually when
something happens he is one of the first people I tell.
Its kind of scary.
Not only all of that I have always been the kind of old
fashion person where I don't call boys besides Aaron but he
is my "brother" so thats diffrent. they call me if they
want to talk but with him it is diffrent. I don't know why
it just is. That kid puts me in a good mood a lot. Why
who knows. I really don't want him to go but hey its a
part of life and I guess I will learn to deal with it or
I have been talking to that kid a lot these days though
and I don't know what that is all about. Maybe I will
figure it all out one day who knows. The kid says he
worries about me and who knows if he is for real but I
truthfully don't want him to. I hate knowing people worry
about me because then I feel like I have to put up some big
front because I don't want anyone around me to be in a
shitty or sad mood just because I am. Well, my knee is
killing me so I guess I will talk to you kids later. Bye!!

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