It smells like poop over here
2003-01-31 05:01:07 (UTC)

the sadie hawkins dance, in my khaki pants

there's nothing better, baby do you like my sweater? i may
not like sweaters, and i don't wear khaki's, but i like
that song. kudos to you reliant k, kudos.
turns out mom is too sick to go visit matt up at NMU
this weekend, so ill be going up by myself. fine with me, i
did not want to spend 8 hours in a car with mom, let alone
an entire weekend. my god, id be so sick of her. i can
barely stand staying home with her on a weekday night. 3
days, i just might kill her. i kinda don't wanna go, dave
and laura are coming home, but with the terms laura and i
are on, i probably wouldn't wanna chill with them anyway.
pull i could a weekend off from getting inhebriated. i
think i've been fucked up every friday and saturday for the
last month and a half, with a couple times during the week.
when nick and i got stoned on the way to MSU last
weekend, i was like "dude, im so stoned" and he's like "it
happens, just all of a sudden and BAM! your high" i
couldn't stop laughing. we went to mickey d's and when we
pulled out, i says "that guy totally knew we were high" and
nick says "everyone knows your high". that kid is so
hilarious while sober, it's twice as bad fucked up.
mike might catch a ride with me up to northern, he
left his car up there after the flunked out. he goes to
saginaw valley now. he got his license taken away, so he
couldn't really drive it back home. that'd be cool if he
came, i could use some company. plus he's one of the
coolest guys in the world.
fuck that, i don't wanna go up at all, i wanna go get
fucked up at state and hit on devon all night. no one likes
her, i think she's awesome. but i told myself to listen to
my friends next time they advise me not to go out with a
girl, so i guess i gotta listen. they've been right so far.
doesn't mean we can't play around a little....but that's
beside the point.
man, i have got to get into MSU next semester. a bunch
of my friends go there, a bunch of other cool ass people go
there. everyone is nice, there's always a party, and as a
bonus it's a pretty good school. i always have a good time
there. plus, it'll get me outta this town, outta this house
and outta my problems. people say you can't run from your
problems, but you can when you move to a different city
without ever coming back. that's what my brother did, he
moved, and he's not coming back. i need to move and start
my own life. im 19, the end of my young, reckless life is
coming to and end, and it's ending fast. live fast, die
young and leave a good looking corpse. sooner i can get out
and start my own life, sooner the better. i get outta here,
go to college, experiment, have some fun then move back
here...or any where....anywhere but here as a matter of
i gotta bust out, gotta an 8 hour drive a head of me.
luckily i got half a tank of gas, full pack of cigarettes,
and sunglasses. hit it.


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