My Diary
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2001-09-18 07:45:20 (UTC)

Anita Chan's Diary

I went and watched a movied called " Bridget Jone's Diary"
couple days ago and loved it. It is such a funny and
relaxing movie which at the same time reflex/inline with
the type of situation of my life being now.
After watching the movie, I have decided that I should
start a regular diary of my own and I would call it " Anita
Chan's Diary".

I really enjoy writing my thoughts down and think that it
is a great way to express what I wanted to say. More
importantly, I would have everything in record and as for
the years down the road, I am sure I would enjoy very much
by reading through what I have written down in my Diary -
Anita Chan's Diary.

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