2003-01-31 04:46:35 (UTC)


Well this is my first Entry.. But yea. Well lets see, I met
this guy in December, and he's basically perfect for me.
He's like my friggin male clone. It's frightening. We
started going out on January 12. and Everything was totally
perfect. And now he's just starting to get on my last
nerve, and just things about him that I'm finding out are
changing my mind on how I feel about him. He can't talk to
me about n e thing. He thinks it's better to keep
everything inside, and he's so depressing sometimes. But on
other days he can be the biggest nut in the world. Which is
how I like him. cuz i'm not exactly wut you would call
normal. Which is a good thing. Then I keep getting the
feeling that somthing is going on between him and his
freind. He talks about her non-stop. He hangs out with her.
and she tried to make the moves on him and stuff. and I'm
not to comfortable with that. I mean I can understand that
there freinds. I think thats totally cool. cuz alot of my
freinds aren't gurls. There mainly guys. But like last
nite.. he lied to me so he could get off the phone with me,
to call her. Which pissed me off. But yea.. I'm just
confused.... But thats all for now.

: : Kelly : :

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