2001-09-18 07:20:29 (UTC)


Tonight I sit here at my computer , looking at my
friends list which contains a bunch of faceless names...The
room is dark except for the light coming from my computer
screen.Type O Negative plays in the background. I begin to
look at each name , some I have known for a very long
time , I have seen their pictures . Those people I consider
to be good friends. I have my real friends names on here
also . They are the people I see everyday. Then I have the
others , the ones that are either new or just the ones I
talk once and awhile.I wonder to myself if these online
friends mean any less to me than my real friends. Well
let's see ... if an online friend has a problem and needs
to talk Do I stop what I am doing and listen , just like I
would for a real friend? Yes , I do. If a online friend has
great joy ...Am I happy for them , as I would be a real
friend ? Again the answer is Yes ! Do I laugh and joke
around with my net friends like I do my real
friends...Yeppers I do...If I hurt the feelings of a net
friend does it bother me as it would a real friend ... yes
it does. Well I guess I have figured out that it doesn't
matter a friend is a friend ... irregardless if its a net
friend or a real friend ....Our world met with a great
tragedy September 11 , 2001 ..... I lost several wonderful
unique great online friends in that horror , I will say
that it didn't hurt any less because I only knew them
through the internet...I lit a candle for each one of them
and I shall forever leave them on my friends list...for
thats what they were...FRIENDS. To those lost friends I
bid you goodbye for the last time ... Forever in my
thoughts and mind ... Goodnight.....M.StoneWolf