Darkening Thoughts of Nevia Lexi
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2001-09-18 07:06:37 (UTC)


Dear Kelly,

I am mad. Not English version mad as in angry ... or was
that Amaerican version of mad? Well, just say I am being

I was in a party with the old people when I realised it was
Kris house. It was his mother's birthday anyway.

Anyway - I was there with him and he looked pretty
uncomfortable even if he was trying to be a good host. He
made me laughed. And since the whole conversation in the
lounge was boring - he invited me to his room and I said

We did nothing but surf online. That's pretty sad. His
little sister was making sure we weren't doing any hanky
panky. :p Like I want to with him.

He showed me this website he liked and I was like ....
okie... It was ths weird site but kinda cool at the same

What else? Well, at 10, his mum fetched us and I went home.
When I reached home, Kris called me and said I was fun. I
was fun. Oh ok. Well, that kinda fun is good. Isn't it?

I am gonna see if there's some snack in the fridge. I am