Procrastination is Key
2003-01-31 03:52:16 (UTC)

Almost the weekend

Its thursday night- havent done any work in a while(couple
of hours), had to watch the Must See tv shows! But really I
plan to work lots tomorrow and sat. I am finished with class
at 11 and I dont have any plans til about 5 on Saturday so
that is LOTS of time. I know i wont be able to work the
whole time though just because I would rip my hair out! I
have an organic and physics test on friday and I am in
really bad shape at this point. Also have my first physics
lab report due and of course the good old webassign
problems. Should be lots of fun. Not to mention with all my
work i am always making sure that michael is doing what he
needs to school-wise; and that has proven to be pretty
difficult to this point- definitely hoping this semester
will be better.
I am sending in my internship application materials
tomorrow, wish I was a good persuasive writer since I had to
send in a cover letter for each job I applied. Unfortunately
they werent very good. I applied for 4 projects, probably
only about one that I am very qualified for. A couple of
them deal with working with GPS, which I have never done but
I think would be interesting. Probably something I
definitely need to learn for the future.
But...just the other day I was looking up info on
internships with SCA (student conservation agency) and found
a couple that looked really cool. One was at Cape Lookout
Nat'l Seashore and the other at Cape Hatteras Nat'l
Seashore. A lot of it deals with turtles and nesting type
things and other conservation stuff. Wish I would have
looked at the stuff a little earlier so I could get in on
the early consideration.
So I guess I'll start working on that stuff pretty soon, and
increase my chances for actually doing something useful
this summer.
But if I dont get an internship I should at least be
studying in Manteo next fall (have to get accepted to that
too though) At manteo I'll be put into an internship there
and will be doing some research and stuff, so that will
help. At this point, with the little experience that I have,
it is really scary to think that I will be looking for a job
in basically a year. Whew, yuck. But, at least its not like
I will be homeless and destitute if I dont find one right
away. Will just have to go back to Salisbury for a while and
let my parents take care of me for a while longer:-P Looking
at Karl's situation, I figure I am due at least 3 years,
though I would be really upset if it took that long.
Anyway, ER's about over so I guess I'll be getting ready for
Night all:-)