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2003-01-31 03:47:24 (UTC)

In class

I am in class again. Lisa was sick last time. That is
why she did not show up. We just talked about my
project. Most people thought it was a good idea and
one that I could accomplish.

I talked to Dave today for like two seconds. Just long
enough to ask him if he would shave a high voltage
sign in the back of his head. He said he would if his
work would let him. I am now doubting he will do it.

He quickly disappeared and was "away." I am
guessing that by the time I get back he will be offline. I
had more things i wanted to talk with him about. I
hadn't talked to him in about 5 days. i was really
missing talking to him this week.

Last night i didn't get much sleep. I was ready to head
to bed when Mina got online. She was upset about this
guy friend of hers. They like eachother, but he isn't
willing to try dating her. Also a female friend of hers
was not letting her sleep next to him last night. The
three of them were sharing a bed last night after a night
of drinking.

So, I talked to her for a couple hours. She had a lot she
needed to talk out. I hope she is going to get this
figured out soon. She is having a going away party next
week. Then she takes of for California I think the
following week.

I need to remember to tell my Mother because she will
want to send a gift or something for her. I myself have
no clue what to get her. I don't want it to be something
she has to find space for when she packs up her stuff.

I guess I ought to find out what department stores are
around there and if a gift certificate from here would
work down there or not. i don't want to simply give her a
check or a wad of money.

If anyone has any ideas as to what to get her let me
know. Something that says how much she means to
me. She is like a sister to me.

I must get going now and participate more in class.

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