~~Eirry Berry~~
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2003-01-31 03:44:18 (UTC)

Meet the Parents

January 30

I got to meet Josh's parents tonight. I think it
went rather well. They seemed very nice although Josh
told me that they are never really like that. I also met
his brother (who he thinks is about 5 years old) and his
sister. He little brother is so cute,he gave me M&M's.
His parents asked me about trying to get Josh to stop
smoking. I told them I thought it was gross. They seemed
all happy that I didn't want him to smoke. So now Josh
only has to meet my dad and it will all be good. How
could anybody not like him? My mom already loves him so I
think it will be ok for dad to meet him. Maybe I'll bring
him home tomorrow after I go prom shopping (yes Josh is
coming with me and no I did not force him to come). I
asked him if he really wanted to go because I am the worst
shopper ever and he's said "Will you be there?" and I told
him of course I would be and he's like "Then I want to
go." He is so sweet and he pumped gas for me tonight
because I didn't have any. I don't know where he came
from but I'm glad because he's amazing.