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2003-01-31 03:28:53 (UTC)

Chatting With My Ex

After work, I went home with my best friend. I catched my
best friend "Gof" at his work and he got me a ride to home.
I was home quite earlier. I turned on T.V. to see what
happen for today. CAN'T BELIEVE THAT !!! There are riots in
Cambodia. Jesus Crist! It's about Thailand too. Cambodian
have problems with Thai about the stupid story. Cambodian
said that thai are libeled to Cambodian Angor Wat. It's
very strang but anyway, I know that my ex has to work hard
more for sure. I watched TV. for a short period then I was
on the net and did the thing that I should do, that is to
check my ex on. Today I went to for chatting as
usual. Oh! man I can't believe my ex was on the chat room.
What was he doing here?? Looking for a cute boy ?? I can't
hold my curious so I pvtted to him. We chatted for a while.
I tried to get to know him as much as I can. He is very
corny on the conversation. BULLSHIT !! He chatted with me
as he used to chat before for the first time that I had
chatted with him. BASTRAD !!!!... He flirted me. Fool
YOU !! We had a conversation about 30 mins then he said he
gotta go. That's it. After he logged off . I didn't see him
online again. I looked at the clock. It's just 19.30. Well,
It's too early for him to logged off. Usually, he is online
until 20.30 and sometimes till 21.00. When I knew what he
was looking for it really made me sick. Today, I had a
feeling that I wanted to call him and asked about the
things that was going on in Cambodia but when I chatted
with him. I didn't want to call him anyway. He just wanted
to play around. BASTARD !!!! I should not know him. I
should not get involved with him. I am suck !!!

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