Alisha's Journal
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2003-01-31 03:25:51 (UTC)

ODD oDD dream

okay, i was just watching everything happen in this dream,
i was really weird.
Anyways, there was this family, mother, father, daughter
and son who moved in to a new house. They had finished
unpacking and stuff so the parents told their kids to go
and look around. Well, they went all over the house and
didn't find anything interesting, until they went into the
basement. Now, out of nowhere theres a third kid, dont ask
me, i dunno. Anyways, they go down the stairs of the
basement and at the bottom of the stairs is this heater
vent kinda thing and theres noises coming out of it. The
girl, being the most curious opens the vent to see what it
was and she gets pulled in by this green, alien figure, she
screams but she falls in, by this time the other two kids
are running and screaming, the parents show up at the top
of the stairs, but it just skips ahead to the parents and
allof the kids, even the daughter out in front of their
house, with police and fire engines around...but there
arent any police. They hear this singing, so they go over
to their neighbors and see all of the aliens over there,
trying to make a bomb fire chanting "To build a fire" The
daughter who was sucked in attacks them, screaming and
yelling, but they are like winning...and she gets really
hurt. Then they start chanting "To build a fire"
again...and i woke up. I have NO clue what this meant...but
i was scared when i woke up. It was weird. I dunno, dreams
scare me too. I think they're connected to life
somehow....i dunno how though. oh well. I'm gonna go.