some stories
2001-09-18 06:15:03 (UTC)

some training

someone: "evan, please prepare a training on the system you
evan: "sure."
someone: "hopefully you should train the junior staff so
that he know how to modify the program."
evan: "ok, not a problem, i can give him some assignment
and ask him to do, so that he can master his skill."
someone: "no, don't ask him to do any job that won't be
used, hard to write a time sheet item."
evan: "you can make it a training item, doing assignment in
training is very common."
someone: "no, you provide training is using your resources,
you ask him to do assignment is using his resources which i
don't want."
evan: "so you meant you want me just talk and expect him to
be an expert??"
someone: "yes, try your best please."
evan: ":-)"