UnBrEaK My HeArT
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2003-01-31 03:19:43 (UTC)

Happiness (finally)

Alright so I finally got an online journal...lets see how
long this is going to last. For those of you who dont know
me Im a Senior at MHS and Im enjoying every minute of it!
Life so far has been pretty good to me although..my love
life sux. I have offically come to the conclusion that I
am a "jerk magnet." I find these guys and think they are
the best guys in the world and Im on cloud 9. Then their
true personality comes out and its more like im in hell!
Ohhh the drama! I have someone right now who I have a lot
of fun with and can really relate to but I just want to
take it a day at a time...I would never want to lose his
friendship. This week I was real depressed. I started a
whole new way of living I guess you could say and its
really hard or me to adjust although I know I will be a
happier person in the end. My friends are awesome though!
I dont know where I would be with out them. They help me
through everything! I dont think Ive ever laughed as much
as when Im with them! Alright well thats all for
now..Gotta go get that Beauty Sleep!
Luv ya
~Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with
a tear~