Runs With River of Woe
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2001-09-18 05:47:30 (UTC)


I dream dreams that are not really dreams. They are
chemical messages my brain is passing to me, they are
substance of the fairy-stuff of my mind.

I dream dreams that make me mourn.

I dream dreams that I awaken from grasping back at them not
wanting to let go. I always awaken in the middle of or at
the end of my dream. I remember all my dreams. I remember
the taste and the texture and the emotion of the dreams,
they are the ghosts that walk with me.

I wait to know the meanings of the dreams, the
unexplainable. Why I always dream of aliens after we've
made love. Why the dream I always awaken from are dreams of
making love. Why sometimes I dream about the act of falling
in love.

I wait to know the meaning of everything. And I bide my
time. Not everything is for me to know right now.

But I want to know why I feel this ache in my stomach when
you leave.

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