2001-09-18 05:44:58 (UTC)

Convenient Store

I too am sad. Saddened from people coming into and
out of my life as if it were a convenience store. For the
most part, people come in who are lost, asking for
directions, then seldom say 'Thank You'. They throw their
trash into my parking lot, their change on my ocunter, and
in return get what they want, 7 days a week, even on holidays.
Sometimes they even point their gun at me, taking whatever it
is they want. Some people who have came in, I have gladly given
anything they wanted, even though it is not always convenient.
If anyone regrets stopping in, it is not because I did'nt do
everything I could to help them. I have owned this store
for thirty-something years, and honestly, I can't wait to put
the 'CLOSED' sign up forever.