The Shadow of Myself
2001-09-18 05:14:43 (UTC)

feeling special...

I love how someone can make me smile.. just how all it
takes is for them to smile at me.. or say something
little.. and it makes me smile. And it's a special smile..
you know.. not the kind when you pass some random person on
the street and you're trying to be nice.. like the most
sincerely joy driven smile ever. It's so intense. Maybe
nobody else understands what I mean.. but sometimes I feel
like my smile is coming off my face.. it's so crazy. And
sometimes.. I get so excited that I squeak. That makes me
laugh at myself.. b/c seriously.. thats funny. I'm a big

Which leads me to another point.. I am a dork.. so when
someone knows that and is still trying to get beyond that
b/c they know there is more and they want to see it.. I am
totally thrilled. I am one of those people who you really
have to get to know to appreciate. There is something new
everyday. I keep myself very interested. I'm very
complex.. and I confuse myself sometimes. I know though..
that when someone wants to get to know me.. that they are
definately worth my time. I would hope in sharing with
them that I would get the same thing in return. B/c I sooo
enjoy getting to know that part of someone that nobody else
knows. I like to feel special to someone.

I expecially like to feel special to someone who is special
to me.. :)