2003-01-31 01:33:27 (UTC)

wash away the tears...

another day, another sunrise and sunset, hundreds maybe
even thousands of people born and just as many die. Life
is so insignificant, just think of how many people died
today and you didn't know any ot them. There are so many
people in the world the average human can't even begin to
comprehend it. Diseases aren't bad they're crowd control.
without them we'd have overpopulation, people need to die.
No, they have to die. it's part of life. you're born, you
live, you die. fuck all that marriage and have children
bullshit, somepeople just aren't suited to be parents or
spowse's. looking at all the people around me, i'm glad i
know at least half of them wont breed. funny when you're
young you want to be older...when you get old you want to
be younger... but being old isn't about age. you are
officially old when your regrets outway your dreams.
someone at the ripe age of 16 can be old, and some old bag
of skin at 99 can be young. just dont let life get the
better of you, you have to be in control or you wont
survive very long. this is all my wisdom, if i could only
have you read one thing this would only be part of it, but
it's important, you must remember, everything in life is
important it's just how important it is to you. for once
forget about everything and everyone and think of
yourself. now stop, think of others, make life enjoyable
for them while still sneaking alittle fun for yourself. if
everyone did this then you wouldn't have to have fun for
yourself. someone else would be doing it for you. for now
i'm done with this preaching bullshit. if you think what i
said is awesome dont flatter me...everything's passed down
i made none of this up, i take no credit but also i cant
give credit to the people that gave it to me, cus they got
it from someoneelse, now i'm passing it to you, the
reader. just taking a break from describing my pathetic
back to that pathetic life... not much new. reading is a
drug, i'm a book junkie. but soon i'm gonna go to the
bookstore and pick completely unheard of authors, i dont
want just to read things people recommend i want to
recommend them to other people. there is so much good
literature out there i dont want to sell myself short and
not give all of it a fare chance. i also am getting the
urge to watch a bunch of old movies. everything, the good,
the bad, and the boring...well not too boring. but ontop
of everything i crave sprite...haven't had it in a while
and stupid school soda machine was out of them today, but
tommorrow is a new day, the sun will rise and hopefully i
will get my lemony and little of limey soda that refreshes
me oh so nicely.
THINK: when you die, the next day the sun will still rise
and set so don't go on thinking you're THAT important to
the world, you only need to be important to yourself and
hopefuly those close to you. it makes you think... who
would come to my funeral and would they cry, would my
death effect teh lives of my friends. sadly there's no way
to find out...i wish there was....

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