A sad story
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2001-09-18 04:20:56 (UTC)

My Attempt

I was so angry with everything that was going on that I
decided to put an end to it. I was scared of going to the
police, because there are many people that would take
revenge on me. The only way I thought would bring an end to
it, was killing myself. There were many days when I tried
to slit my wrists, but would end up with only a scratch. I
couldn't do it. So the only other way was to OD. I took
every pill that was in my house, some of them were pain
killers, and others were perscribed. I just took everything
that I found, even cough syrup. There wasn't much of
everything, but I figured it would work. IT didn't. I ended
up waking up in a hospital of some sort. I never found out
exaclty where I was, but it was a long drive back. I
actually fell asleep. I'm still confused about my life, and
I don't know what to do anymore. What should I do???