The Sexy Blonde
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2001-09-18 04:16:41 (UTC)

Monday 9-17-01

Hey Readers,

Sorry I am not keeping good track of my diary. My
diary is the least important on my mind right now. I am
busy busy busy with homework, my boyfriend who keeps
getting worse and worse in his health, school, therepy,
gym, my locker, a ride to school until my car is fixed, my
mom, money, the whole "Attack on America" thing, which is
is kind freakish, and tests, and studying and shit.

On Sunday night, my boyfriend was telling me he was
real cold, and the airconditioner was turned off, it wasn't
cold at all. Then I felt his forehead and he was real hot,
then I called his parents and they came home. He started
shaking real bad because of the medicine they injected into
his back and knee from his accident last May. They injected
cocaine, metamorphine, and something else in a needle into
his spine, which is severly dangerous. It scared me, they
finaly got his temperature down with him getting in the
shower and then putting ice on his head.

Other wise the whole weekend was great and I had fun with
my boyfriend, but that night really scared me. I was crying
about it all day in school in class.

I can't wait to talk to my counciler lady tomorrow, she
only comes on Tuesday's so thats the only time I get to
relieve myself of all the stressful things going on around

Well I need to say goodnight and call my boyfriend to make
sure he is doign better, if y'all have any questions then
send me feedback!

Love Jessica- Goodluck all