My Life.............
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2001-09-18 04:14:35 (UTC)

what a day....

got up at 10 this morning, H's probation officer called,
he said she had to call him before 12 or she could possibly
go to jail, something i do not want cause then id have to
take the kids for God knows how long, so i went up, since i
was supposed to babysit at 3 i just stayed up there, i
didnt think this day would ever end.LOL im so tired, no
more babysitting for me *sigh*.......
Got 2 letters from Cory today, he is such a sweetheart.:)
I really do love him, hes so different from Jeff, but, Jeff
will always have a piece of my heart, even though he doesnt
want it.:(
I just hope that no one calls me tomorrow and wants me to
go anywhere or do anthing for them, my day of rest.:) oh
and Chris will be back on the computer!!! yeeeaaaaa! i
missed him.:)