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2001-09-18 01:06:11 (UTC)

Today was on more day - I don't remember when I lost my friends

Today was one more day. I went to any places. I worked.
The places would be nice even the ugly buildings the
nature was massive.
I can't remember when I lost my friends. A dream noticed
me about it. I think that third part event made it.
My experience tells me that hypocrisis interests ever
had made the changes we didn't ask for.
Instead of talking I will just ask what I did?
What words can't express actions can do itself.
My friends was replying my acts to show me what I was
doing wrong. The distance is more longer than we supposed.
Four days that I haven't seen her. Now I'm not more with
the past. Future can give turn around and maybe I could
see my friends again in new path.
I have lost something almost five weeks ago, what had
make me to lose more than would be in my future.
It made me lost a part of world I build for years.
I'm almost what I was before. I hadn't friends then.
I'm tired and able to write in mistake. When word can't
find the correct path. When the friends are gone away.
Because you've lost all you beloved for years. It is
time to make a stand. And will be the real friends
appears to help. Even it be an angel a last choice of
God. I will sing song to send away the bad things.
I will paint ceramic once again to be sensitive.
I will try to believe on more time I could be happy as everything
deserve to be.