A sad story
2001-09-18 04:04:52 (UTC)

Back Again

When I went back home, my mom was seeing this guy. She was
pregnant from him. My sisters were kind of nice, and I
found out that my mom had another baby from my dad. She was
pregnant when he died. I still don't understand why she
took her in, but refused me. She will not answer that
question. Any way, she intoduced me to me new sister and
her boyfriend. That is when he started looking at me wierd.
He kissed me that first day, but I didn't think much of it,
since I had been going through that stuff before. My mother
made a deal with me. I would do all the housework and she
would pay me for it. I would get two hundred dollars a
week, but there was a catch. I had to pay seventy five for
having my own room, and I had to pay for my own food. I had
to buy my own clothes and anything else I needed for
school. That did not leave me much for anything else. I
never had a real toy that was my own. I never knew how to
have fun. Everything was going on fine. I was getting used
to Hector(my mom's boyfriend) and his touches. Eventually
he started putting his hands down my shirt. I didn't know
how to deal with that, because no one had ever done that to
me. I was barely starting to develop in that area. I tried
to tell my mom but she said to deal with it. It was a part
of growing up. I even asked my sisters about it, and they
did not know what to say because they had never gone
through it. That is when I started to realize that it was
not normal to go through these things. I told him, but that
just made things worse. That is when he started going all
the way with me. I hated it, I hated the feeling of it. I
didn't want him to do it anymore. I tried to stop him and
he would just hit me. He would hit me for any little
reason. For missing a spot while cleaning, or because I
didn't cook something for him exactly the way he wanted it.