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2003-01-30 23:57:33 (UTC)


ahhh my ears hurt. another winter, another ear infection.
arg. another trip to the doctor. this is my life.

anyway, enough wallowing in self-pity. today was totally
boring, but just the kind of do nothing day that i needed.
gym was actually semi-entertaining, chem was boring but i
didnt feel like concentrating on it anyway cause i was to
busy being in agony. history was kinda boring too, but at
the same time its kinda nice to be back on the regular
schedule. ya know? but actually history was interesting
just because its melillo. i asked him while we were walking
from lunch to class if we could go play out in the snow,
and he was like "ha, hell no" he told me if we played in
the snow then i would try to make a snow-angel, but it
would come out as a snow-devil. so for that common insult,
i told him i was never talking to him again. he said that
would probably last 10 minutes, but of course i didnt
respond to that. so when he was checking hw he stood at my
desk for a few minutes calling my name and he was
like "you're really determined not to talk to me, aren't
you?" and when i didn't respond he laughed and moved on.
and then at the end of class he was calling my name and i
didn't answer and he was like "EVER again?" and i just
walked past him and started laughing with rigo. good times.
oh yeah, and melillo finally broke the 100 mark on his bad
jokes chart, so we had a party. not really, but it was

snow is awesome. i love it. it puts me in such a great
mood. but then, if we hafta go to school tomorrow, that
good mood will be totally destroyed. i'm really dreading
this spanish presentation that i hafta do. i know it would
be better to just get it over with, but i still can't help
wanting to put it off. ahhh its making me so stressed out.

well, i best go prepare because with my luck we WILL have
school tomorrow. but everybody pray that we won't!