2001-09-18 04:04:44 (UTC)

late night again. i have a huge..

late night again.
i have a huge test tomorrow.
i need to focus more on school.
im not sure about anything right now.
why is everything always so confusing.
im in a good mood though.
im taking a study break and making cookies.
sergio pointed out to me
that i spend more time concerning myself with drama
than i do with school
and i know that hes right.
him and i are in the same situation a lot of times..
he graduated when he was 17 too.

hes leaving soon.


he wants me to go with him...
but i cant just leave school.
and my mom.
and emily.
and everything ive ever known
and be like
whats up chicago.

i will miss him so much...

enough of that.

i can smell the cookies.
its after midnight and i just moved for the first time in
like, 3 hours.
today was a strange day.
that started a couple weeks ago.
i really hope this all works out as best as it can.
im being really positive about it.
which is good.

.i am happy

i am happy because although everything is crumbling around
i still have that.