My Little World
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2003-01-30 23:22:43 (UTC)


Ok, i've kinda adopted Laurens idea for the random titles!
hope you dont mind lauren! hehe! Anyways.....Tomorrow is
friday FINALLY!!!!!!! thank goodness!!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow!
this week has gone be soooooo slow!! Hey Lauren, i think by
the end of the weekend i will be walkin' on more
snowflakes!! *Wink Wink* (Inside Joke) yeah....So i need
to talk about some*(one)*thing... this person is buggin me
soooo bad!!! "it" will get into my stuff, take what "it"
wants without asking me! it thinks that i am at its beck
and call to give it whatever it wants whenever it wants!
it thinks that all my stuff just belongs to it and not to
me!!! ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 it makes me
sooooooo mad! But then i think about Allen or i talk to
Lauren and i feel better! Ok, i vented!! GoodNight!
One more adopted thing from LP...
Mood: Happy
Music: Daily Planet "tangled web"

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