The confusing epic of muh life
2003-01-30 23:19:59 (UTC)

on fone w/ hill

hey guyz im supper bored rite now juz got home frum skool
Update on the last few days :

meh and sam made up she called meh we talked bout it w/ out
yelling we r kool now

i talked 2 keli 4 the 1st time in like 4 ever last nite and
we talked bout skool and stupid gay people and stuffand
shes reali kool she understands meh

i called matt yesterday and we talked and even tho i dont
like him like that ne more hes still reali cool and ive
mised talking 2 him

we went 2 the pueblo game as an away game and we lost but
there was a bunch of suckey cheerleaders frum pueblo and i
would give more details but i dont reali have time

uhhhg its so gross muh frined kristen got ill continue