A sad story
2001-09-18 03:45:35 (UTC)

The Pattern

From then on, I was passed around from house to house. When
they would get tired of me, they would just pass me down,
like old clothes or something. I was passed to five houses.
I can remember each perfectly as if it was just yesterday.
Being in so many different environments really confused me.
I would be in houses that would hit me because I would talk
too much and then others would get mad at me for not
talking enough. I was really confused and scared of
everyone. In school, I had no friends. I would always be
alone and quiet. I didn't want anyone to find out because
they all told me that if I got them in trouble, they would
kill me. I was terrified of all people. I still find myself
waking in the middle of the night to these horrible
nightmares of people hurting me, and hitting me, and
touching me. I could not live like that any longer. I was
finally in the 5th grade, when I found out that I could do
something about it. My teachers started talking about how I
could prevent such things from happening. I decided to take
things in my own hands. It was very hard for me, but I did
it. I raised my voice, and wasn't scared of them hitting.
By then, I was used to hidding my emotions. I stood up to
them, and my mother, and they finally gave in. I was on my
way home!!