-emerald eyes-

spinning complacently
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2003-01-30 23:01:04 (UTC)


yay! i got my dress for Snoball...its periwinkle, has one
strap, is long and sparkly...its awesome! :o) maybe i'll
figure out how to post pictures...someday...:oP

so anyways! college is going great. its a heck of a lot
more fun than highschool. oh man..i love the freedom. its
great. hardly any heavy homework either! thats always
nice. i have Bio 115, English 200, Music Biz, Showchoir,
Choir, Algebra with Geometry, etc etc..not a hell of a
heavy load. i want to ease into college life rather than
jumping into 20 credits. that'd be bad. 15 is enough for
me right now. :o)

whelp! i'm off to finish math HW so i can leave to PA
tomorrow!!! *YAY* i'm gonna be a bit behind on monday but
i'll manage...thats what happens when u put things
off...hahaha ohh well i'm too excited to really think! :oP
haha love to all~
-emerald eyes-