A New Hope
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2003-01-30 22:43:44 (UTC)


I wonder if my mother, could go a day, without whining and
moaning about everyone in the house being laxy, except her.
Because she does everything. She washes, cooks, cleans,
uhh.... cleans.. cooks... washes........?
Yes, okay.. she washes, clothes. She cooks, lovely meals,
almost every day for me. But, i'm sorry. I've never seen
her clean a thing. Or anything else. Cooking takes up
about, 30 mins. 15 preparing it. 15 taking it out of the
oven. Washing, 30 mins.. 10 putting it in. 10 hanging it
out to dry... 10 bringing it in and folding it.

What does she do with the other 23 hours? well.. let's
say... 10 for sleeping. So what with the other 13 hours?..
okay, she 'works' at a school. that's 6. So what is she
doing the other 7 hours a day, and weekends...?

Dad. I would place a very, very large bet, that he couldn't
go, even one hour.. without a cigarette, unless he's eating
instead. And then i'd bet even more that he couldn't have a
fag around me, without blowing shit, right in my face. He
actually said to me that he wants me to get lung cancer.
Stupid fucker. He's the most hypocritical, impatient,
bastard son of a whore, I have ever met. I'll be glad when
he dies.

I sware to god he's stupid. He said that Radiators radiate
heat. And he actually beleived he it was true. Stupid

Argh. Anyways. Parents are the least of my worries.
I have bigger fish to fry.