Luke's Poetic Interview
2001-09-18 03:39:27 (UTC)


I’m inside playing video games
And all I can say is “ain’t it ashame”
While there’s men up there dying
And old mothers sighing
‘Cause hell, that could be their kid up there flying.

The hippies sing “peace”
The rednecks shout “war”
What is it exactly that they’re shouting for?

If the man himself were here today
He’d save us all with a fantastic display.
Of course it couldn’t hurt to pray
But who is this man anyway?

I’ll tell you who it is, but he isn’t who you think
He’s that voice inside you saying “I need a drink.”
He’s that one you hear sometimes in bed
When you finally get that song out of your head.

And maybe he can’t do anything.

Maybe all he does is talk and sing songs and write poems
But I wish I could work up the balls to just show him.

Enough about him he’ll work his way out
Sooner or later you’ll hear him shout.
If osama is out there maybe he’ll hear it too
He’ll hit his palm on his head and start to drool.

More likely they’ll find him underground somewhere
With a thousand fanatics guarding him there.
And if he lives through the fight that insues
They’ll take him back home to berate and abuse.
They’ll twist off his fingers and smash up his toes
Until finally when he’s in his last throes
They’ll make him repent for all that he’s done
For all of those lives that will see no more sun.
But he’ll refuse ‘cause he’s that kind of guy.
He’ll say something like “I’d rather die.”

And that will be that and we’ll all go about
Fighting the terrorists and drinking our stout.
Right now this is how it looks:
If the world doesn’t end there’ll be movies and books.
Our kids and their kids will read them in school
And say something like “that ain’t cool.”