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2003-01-30 22:23:35 (UTC)

Lesbian Fic...

“Fuck you!”
“Fuck you too!” Anna screamed back, her face flushed with
“I’m so sick and tired of your stupid games Anna, I don’t
need this in my life!” Susan glared at her, her chest
“Games…?! Fucking Christ Susan-what about your games?!”
Anna leaned towards Susan, fists clenched at her sides,
vaguely wondering at the back of her mind if she would
actually hit the other woman if she was pushed much
Susan crossed her arms defensively and stepped closer to
Anna, the space between them grew thicker with tense,
volitile energy that snaps and crackles between them.
“What do you mean by that Miss. I’m-an-only-child…fucking
spoiled brat?!”
“Oh fuck off…bitch!” Anna’s eyes welled with frustrated
tears and she turned around and began to move away from
the firey energy that was Susan.
“Don’t you dare walk out on me!” Susan grabbed Anna’s
shoulder roughly.
Anna wheeled around, “Don’t YOU fucking touch m…”
She was broken off as their mouths fell on each other. A
vicious and erotic attack. Susan’s mouth, hot and heavy,
demanded a response, showing no mercy.
Anna’s lips became pliant under the unyielding kisses that
made her head light and her knees weak.
Susan, feeling Anna’s submission, pressed her tongue
towards Anna’s mouth, demanding enterance which Anna
freely gave. Hands were everywhere, sliding, moving,
groping, holding…and anger began to be replaced with
passion…and sex.
Both women were pressing hard against each other, drowning
in their embrace. Eventually, oxygen ran out but
resisting the eventual break, the eventual realization of
what they were doing, they sank to their knees on the hard
wooden floor.
Gasping between kisses, clothes were removed or torn off
if not compliant in their unsteady hands.
Not once did they look at each other.
In their underwear, they began to kiss again, Anna being
forced back to the cold floor but Susan’s heated body on
top of hers made up for it. The rest of the clothing was
removed at such a pace that it wasn’t sure who removed
them or how they were removed
And she was there, writhing and dragging her soft supple
body over Anna’s, creating sweet fiction that resulted in
breathless moans as Anna moved against Susan, enjoying the
equally satisfied sounds coming from her new lover’s mouth.
Anna’s hands drifted to Susan’s breasts, down her back to
rest on her hips, dragging her downwards, back up to her
breasts. She was like a child in a candy store being told
to take her pick.
And as Susan bit down on Anna’s neck, Anna’s hands drifted
down Susan’s stomach, between her legs, to find the warm
wetness awaiting her there. Susan groaned and arched her
back, grinding her body into Anna’s hand.
And suddenly all that existed was Susan. Riding Anna’s
hand, thrusting in and out, her back arched, her neck
exposed to the cool air, her breasts moving gently, aching
to be touched.
So she did, Anna reached out and pulled Susan back to her,
needing to taste her mouth again. And Susan, wetness
creeping down her thighs, moved her hand in between Anna’s
legs, making the younger woman gasp.
Then both hands dragged up along Anna’s body, leaving a
sticky wet trail, to her breasts which Susan fondled,
dragging her tongue along her hand’s path at the same
time. Anna moaned and then Susan’s mouth was on hers
again. Their bodies thrusting against each others’. Both
eager to satisfy themselves and each other. And without
much further encouragement, both women came.
Gasping for air, Anna didn’t dare open her eyes as she
absorbed the gentle throbbing between her legs, the
hardness of the floor on her back, and the most amazing
human being lying on her chest.
Susan was warm and slightly sticky with sweat as she let
her breathing slow down, her head on Anna’s chest as the
air began to cool her back.
Afraid to look at Anna or around at the mess their clothes
must be in, Susan pulled Anna’s limp body up with her and
dragged them both to the bed.
Wordlessly, Anna and Susan stumbled into the soft sheets
where Anna’s heart rate began to slow down as Susan slid
in next to her, the gentle rise and fall of her chest
soothing Anna into a light doze.
Anna inched towards Susan tentitively seeking the
reassuring comfort of the warm form. Susan reciprocated
Anna’s movements and slipped an arm around Anna as, the
younger woman nestled into Susan’s supple bosom drifting
to sleep again.


Anna stirred and snuggled into the warmth again, too cozy
to wake up completely. Her eyes flew open as she realized
the warmth she had just nuzzled into was moving…Susan.
“Hey.” Susan smiled sleepily, gazing down at Anna.
“Hey…” Anna settled back into Susan’s chest, enjoying the
feel of the other woman’s naked body pressed against her
Susan trailed her hand down Anna’s head and down her
spine, illiciting shivers from Anna’s body.
“Mmmm…I gotta take a shower and do that clinic…” Susan
began to untangle herself from Anna.
“Mmmmmmm…” Anna groaned at the loss of warmth and pulled
the blankets up around her.
She dozed to the music of Susan’s shower and woke up only
to watch in a sleep-filled haze, as Susan darted around
the room, collecting her clothes from last night, eyeing
some of it skeptically.
Anna enjoyed the view, admiring Susan’s lithe form and her
breasts which were soon encased in a blue bra. Soon Susan
was fully dressed by the light of the bedside lamp and
began to walk over to the door when she paused.
She glanced back at Anna and made her way over to the bed.
Sitting down, her weight pulling Anna’s body towards her,
she looked down at the younger woman.
“If you don’t come now, I might not see you till this
afternoon.” She spoke into the darkness.
“S’okay.” Anna mumbled.
A ghost of a smile crossed Susan’s face and she nodded.
She was about to get up when she hesitated, unsure of how
to procede.
Anna, sensing Susan’s indecision, opened her eyes.
Their gaze met and held for a few heart-stopping moments
before Susan leaned in and kissed Anna softly on the
lips. Then she was gone.
And as Anna leaned back into the pillows she realized that
she could still taste Susan in her mouth…sunshine and
rain, passion and anger, love and hate…warning and caution…
but most of all she tasted…


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