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2001-09-18 03:26:17 (UTC)

just a thought

His image burnned in my head,
I sware I still feel his breath,
What an amazing time I had with my love,
Still I am in shock how he could be all I ever wanted, all
I ever needed,
With his love I am complete,
No more hurt no more sorrow,
No hurtful tears just the ones of joy,
I can't believe I have met my soulmate my dream my future,
The man I will spend all my days with forever,
Nothing in this world could change the love I have for him,
I thank him and I am proud of myself,
We lived our hearts and we went with our thoughts,
I had no doubt from the very biggining,
That our love would only grow stronger,
This feeling that running through my body,
I cant explain or even totally understand,
I know I owe it all to my Matt,
He has changed me he has made me a better person A better
friend and a better woman,
Thank you my love for all that you have done for all that
you are,
You are my forever friend my lover my soulmate,
I am yours my soul my heart until the day we part which
shall be my final breath,