The Life Of a Military Brat
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2001-09-18 03:22:57 (UTC)

A little about me

To get this thing rolling i guess i should tell a
little about myself. I am a 17 spoiled off my ass, white,
teenager that has moved about every two years for my entire
life. I know what you are thinking... something along the
lines of, "Does moving so often ever bother you?" Well, to
answer that question I would have to say yes at first but i
always get used to it. Right now i am living in Virginia...
yeeehhaaaa... you could not belive how boreing it is here.
I just moved from Monterey, California, which compared to
this place is like disneyland to a sewage plant, Monterey
being Disneyland. This is now my 9th move in my 17 years of
being alive and i have to tell you that it isn't easy yet.
So far I am hateing it here and wishing every nite that i
was back home in good ol California. I grew up almost my
whole life in Cali so naturally I am a blond Cali Boy. If
you are wondering about my name... it was picked for me
because I will do anything that has to do with the water.
One of my favorite things to do is to go out to the lake
and wakeboard till my head hurts... and that doesnt take
long. My choice in music is really anything with a beat but
my favorite band is NEW FOUND GLORY, these guys totally
kick ass. I am hopeing to go to one of their concerts
comeing up in October. I guess to describe myself I am:
Six feet one inch tall
Around 150 pounds
Blonde spiked hair (which most of the time needs to be cut)
Blue eyes
In pretty good shape but can be in better
I Dress kinda preppy in the cold and skater in the warm

Well I dont really know what else to say to describe
me so I am going to leave it at that and untill next time I
hope that you enjoy.

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