A Journey of One
2001-09-18 03:15:00 (UTC)

Sept 17th 01

Another day has passed, dreams have come true, and hopes
have been shattered. Where do I lie in all of this?
Somewhere between no where and everywhere I want to be.
Thats whats so hard, I just dont know.

I worked today, like every other day. I got up to a rain
covered ground, got in my car and turned on the radio. Only
to be reminded of the terrible things that are happening. I
get to work, and I do what I am required, yet it lacks real

I was thinking today, every second that goes by we seem to
live for the future, but do we ever really reach where we
want to be? I struggle to find what will make me happy, like
so many others, but the truth is no matter what we may get
to, theres always going to be pain, sorrow and inevitable
sadness. But if you can find that one person to go through
time with, I think thats when you can find not so much
happiness, but meaning.. and hope.

I am only one thought, and I am only one dream entangled in
what we call life. But one more day onto which I can believe
in somthing, and one more time you can dream of somthing
more.. thats what makes this all worthwhile. Together,
united, and true. Stand by me, and I shall stand by you. No
matter where your from, no matter what you think.