lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-01-30 21:07:58 (UTC)


dude, if only things i said were significant to someone
besides myself. no such luck...haha.

things are just very nice...i was sitting in
class today thinking how everything's ok and life is moving
along at a steady pace and nothing has ruined my world for
a while. and i'm looking forward to going to mexico, and
then guatemala this summer. wow. i'm looking forward to
having a car and just driving to the beach this summer when
i get bored. i'm looking forward to doing special olympics
stuff if i still can. i'm looking forward to jetskiing and
fishing and wakeboarding and hanging out in shaver. i'm
looking forward to being a senior and knowing where my life
is headed. there's so much crap going on, but i'm just
stoked to know that soon i'll be just doing the stuff i
love to do.

in the meantime, i'm just totally tired. i haven't slept a
full night since who knows when...and while the winter
retreat was entirely worth it, it wore me out just being
gone and staying up talking and waking up hecka early on
saturday. haha. so i need to sleep this weekend...i guess
it's good that i'm not allowed to go up to hume, cuz i
would get even more sleep-deprived. and i need a good
kosher weekend of hanging out. i don't know if i'll go to
biola, since i have two tests on monday and i'm seriously
just that tired. we'll see.