Bruce Wayne

2003-01-30 20:16:28 (UTC)


I'm taking a break from lamenting the things in my life
that bring me down!

Last night was the first night of a new season of darts.
The Drunks performed admirably. My performance wasn't
great. OK in 601, I hit the on, OK in cricket, but stunk up
the middle of the game. Came on too strong too late.
Awesome in my first 301, had trouble getting on in my 2nd
but made a game of it. My third game was mine for the
taking, and I just couldn't hit the out. He wasn't really
any better than me...oh well. Lots of beer was drunk and
wings were eatten. It's always nice to be out with the

On the way home we stopped by the Blue Moon (Boobie Bar)
and had a beer and dropped 20 singles. Wasn't a hallmark
evening there, but the ladies were well worth the $5 cover,
and it's a fun thing to do with the boys.

I was/am slightly hung over and would have really liked to
have sayed home. I haven't worked a full week this year
yet, and I don't feel the least bit bad about it. I've got
my fingers crossed for the Drax job to come together. It
would be fun, challenging and a boatload of money...more
than I ever thought I would make. The down side is Chunky
Butt...everyone's got a cross to bear...mine weighs
300lbs..oh well =0)

I've got an eventfull few days comming. Celtics tomorrow
night with Steve for his birthday. We always have a great
time. I'm meeting him @ biogen for beers (John'll be there
too) Then it's off for dinner and hoops, and probably a
few more beers. Saturday is the Wine Expo. That'll be a
blast. Robyn'll be the only female @ the event, she can
hold her own though. I get a repreive Sunday (did you hear was my liver breathing a sigh of relief) and then
it's off to the Bean Pot on Monday. Scott is going which is
pretty surprising considering the way he's always
bellyaching about the time I spend with Steve. I know his
real issue is that Robyn spends time with Steve...time to
get over it crybaby. I also have my hearing for my speeding
ticket on thursday. Action packed week!!!!

I'm really looking forward to going to Mexico...I've got
about 2.5 weeks to loose about 10 or so
pounds ...completely doable if I can get the ball rolling.
Tough to get started with all of these alcoholcentric
events going on. You know what they say, when the going
gets tough....hic