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2001-09-18 02:39:33 (UTC)

Enough is Enough

Ok, why on earth can I not get away from the Evil E?! I was
sure like 2 years ago that she'd had gone somewhere but
noooo she pops up out of the blue and now goes to the same
school that I do and I see her all the time? That is sooo
not a happy for me. No, not at all. Like today, I'm just
minding my own business, walking down the street with Kim
and whoomp, there she is. I almost had a hemmorhage. Kim had
never seen her before either so she was shocked when she
finally did. She told me that that wasn't the image that she
had of her in her head. She said that she thought I was
just being biased when I said she was a b with an itch but
she said that when she saw her today, she totally got that
air from her. See?! I know what I'm talking about. Yes I was
jealous of her because she went out with my baby but in all
honesty, when I did meet her, she came across as such and
when I caught her cheating on him that one time, that just
reinforced my opinion. Urgh. Did you ever hate someone so
much that you never even got to know that well? I hope I'm
not letting my biases get the best of me but, what can I do?

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