Watch me lose it...
2003-01-30 19:11:34 (UTC)

Murder Ink

Listening to : Dr Dre - Murder Ink / Whats the difference?
I have serious thoughts now of not writing on here anymore.
First off I'm worried my rhymes will become to hot and my
account will be cancelled. Or worse yet, the police/my ISP
are onto me in some way and are watching and gathering
evidence. Not that I've committed any crimes, as far as I'm
aware. Its just I think nowadays you can be arrested for
writing about how angry you are. Along with this, I've
realised people are actually reading this. That scares me
and I'm gonna take this off the public view thing. Some
bitch wrote to me and asked me something about "ohh..I love
Eminem..which album were those lyrics off?" Does this look
like your local music club? The top 40 on sunday? It was an
attempt at making friends or something or gaining my trust
I'm sure. Anyway, not going that route.
I dont want people reading this, especially not those who
can easily be influenced so I'm gonna take it off the
public thing.
Then, on the other hand I took a look at Tawnys website
before, which she has updated to be all about her. Tempting
me to make another one, to hold all my rhymes and
stuff...stylish...cos we all know I can do a better job at
building websites than her...and better than Jen.
But then..dunno. I liked a site we stumbled on by accident
at work called
But its flash and something like that is impracticle here
because of 56k users. IT takes too much work too. Just have
to see.
Andy was sorting out my holiday today. Gary couldnt stop
making daft comments though. Twat. Went to the pub with him
and KT at lunch time. Don't really want to again, but
needed a drink. Tractor driver was pissing me off MAJORLY
today...he pisses everyone off now. Hes more lazy than I
am..and pissed off home at 4 because he said it was snowing
where he lived. Fucking slacker.
I dont think Tawny got my last email...due to the fact I
sent it from Linux. I dont care too much. Shes pyscho..I
can live without her. Jumped bit on that one...just to see
if I could write to someone out of blue. Of course it
worked..I'm so fucking cool!
River was being on and off last night but more on than
off....asked a little personal question. Might still get to
fuck that. See what happens.
Off tommorrow. Sleep. Bit calmer now because of not having
work to do tommorrow I guess. Nevermind...monday will be
here soon enough!

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