Time Waster
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2003-01-30 18:54:29 (UTC)

creation in calc

8 AM Calc class...something inspiring about working
through math problems early in the morn...Thus this burst
of creative energy rushed through me mid hw problem and
into my fingers and they scribbled out a poem:

"Sleep" by Me (Lindsey with an e)
Lost behind these eyelids,
Just beyond the surface,
Murky pools are clouded,
Closed to better days.

Red lips murmur softly,
the slight sound smothered,
sinking beneath plush pillows,
beneath some colder days.

Chapped noses twitch tightly,
fingers shift slightly,
sleep resides calmly,
beneath these sadder days.
The End
I'm not depressed or sad ...my poems always semem to come
out that way though..hmmm...Anyways, yeah that's all-
Later everyone!