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2001-09-18 02:25:02 (UTC)


hey all whats up? not much here. i'm soo sore and tired
from the game tonight. i kicked soo much ass defense
tonight!!!!!!!!!! yeah whooooooooo! lol well we ended up
losing :( :( :( :( 18-30 but our quarterback (not me cause
they didnt put me in, the asses!!!!!) threw 2 interceptions
for touchdowns! not 1 but 2! it was really bad. then he
fumbled and messed up again! its alright hes not a bad Qb,
hes just a sissy! and cries every time he taclkes, or gets
tackled. it made me soo mad that they didnt put me in! our
whole team was pissed cause they didnt let me start
quarterback!!! the whole team! yeah well i gotta go. i
still have my dumb algebra to do....grrrrrrr i hate it!

anyways, marissa i'm thinking about you and i got your
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i just have to get a chain for it and
ill always wear it!!!!!!! love you always and forever!


peace out all