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2003-01-30 18:17:19 (UTC)


I am every day of my life falling in love with my boyfriend.
As time progresses I feel the need to be with him even more
closer than a piece of skin attached to the muscles. I have
an urge of just being alone with him and experiencing the
love among us. Ever since I met him, everything has changed
for me. I have matured and have become more involve with
what one would call "Love". I have always heard of "Love"
but never did I ever thought that I would "Fall in love" or
even "Love someone". The love that I knew of was the kind of
love one would hear and see on television, never have I
imagined that "Love" would hit me as soon as I met the guy
of my life. As my times on this world passes by the more I
feel I have become connected to Jhonny. It's a pretty odd
thing to say but at least I know what is meant when someone
says that they are in love. Jhon I just wanted to thank you
for what you have done and what you are to me.