FallnAngel's Journal
2003-01-30 18:05:08 (UTC)


Hi everyone...well i dont even know if anyone is reading
this thing anymore. but thats ok. today is seeming like
such a LONG day. i guess that could be because i woke up at
2:30 this morning and have been up ever since. around 5 i
finally decided i wasnt gonna sit in bed and watch tv
anymore and went downstairs to eat something. even tho i
never did end up eating. well i did lay down for alittle
bit and got about another hours worth of sleep, but then i
really didnt want to get up and come to school, but i did
and was only about 10 minutes late. Today is the 30th,
which means tomorrow is the 31st...and guess what that
means...if the sexy man doesnt have a job by tomorrow, he
HAS to come home!!! i am very excited to be able to be with
my baby!! i also am getting a new job. well in a month i
will be getting a new job. i am still gonna work at
mcdonalds on somedays...cause that will pay for my car at
least. my belly is all black and blue where i got it
peirced yesterday. and it didnt hurt until i bounced my
labtop off of it earlier this morning. i had some really
weird dreams during my three hours of sleep last night. one
of them was that i was pregnant and i had a baby, well the
baby was not human. it was a green alien and had big teeth
and a big red mouth. it bit me and i kept saying that could
not be my baby. haha it was really weird. then the other
dream was about school. it involved miss morelli (those of
you who attend newport would know who that is) and she was
like this evil witch lady, which is totally opposite of her
cause i like her. anyway she kept telling me that if i left
the school to go home for something i would be kicked outta
the school forever, and i had to leave so i left. then i
got a letter in the mail saying i was no longer welcome
back to newport when i only have a month left. i dont
remember anymore of that dream, maybe that was the
end...who knows. i think one of the reasons i didnt sleep
last night is because my foot hurts really badly. the other
day i was walking down the stairs here at school and i had
a bunch of stuff in my hands. i landed on my foot wrong
after i got off the last step and something in there
popped. now i keep getting these weird pains all thru my
foot and there is a bump on it. i hope nothing is wrong
with it cause i really cant afford to have a broken bone.
especailly since i am off my parents insurance february 27.
i know that when i get home from school today i am gonna
hear my dad bitching about my school bill. he got it
yesterday and they have decided that i owe like $3000, when
in reality i should only owe like $1500. my dad was pissed
when he saw it yesterday and he came here today to talk to
gina about it. hes gonna be mad also cause she could not
show him any proof of the rate increases. i am so glad that
i only have 28 more days here. i dont think i could handle
more...well its really not 28 if you take out all the
weekends. so really its only 16! i cant wait. its been a
long 18 months, but it also seemed to go pretty fast. well
i wasnt really expecting to write this long of an entry.
sorry if i bored anyone, that is if anyone really even
reads this things! Bye everyone

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