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2001-09-18 02:18:22 (UTC)

WTC Crash

Wanted so much to write in a few days ago prior the WTC
crash, but could not find the url.. trust me. Have had so
much emails of late, guess what i did. Just deleted them
all. The American businesses are making a huge cry and
issue over the crash - yeah there were people who died, but
its not the end of the world. Alike the Israelites, one
killed/murdered/death by accident American = 1 nation. This
is mad. They just have to accept the fact that they do not
live forever. And just when you thought they are all
adults, they start behaving emotionally and spam your box
just because you do not have the same views as these

Anyways, I dreamt of Jesus, a few nights before the crash,
and He was smiling. Must have been a good sign. But the US
is mourning over a trivial matter, its not like people are
not procreated again. Its a cycle. They've dropped bombs on
so many smaller nations, and now its payback time. I
seriously cannot fathom, why the US have to always play big
bully to other smaller nations, and they are so blantantly

So, Jesus smiled at me. I wonder what it means. I can't
remember what I actually wanted to write, but voila, I
guess this is just about it. Oh yeah, I wanted to rant on
the dream, but I cant remember how it ended. I did see the
fighter jets the Americans are sending to neighbouring
cities, but why? They should start scouring their own
backyard. They expect the world to kowtow to them. This is
pure madness again.

Ah... when will they ever learn, that strength is not in
bombs and arrogance, but... yes, you guess it right, the
measure of strength is when you can overcome your inner
demons. Ah... for the pleasures of Life, and Death.